My name is Kelsey

My mission is to help postpartum moms heal and progress physically, emotionally, and optimally.

The Motherfly Project

A Busy Mom’s 5 Step Practical Guide to Holistic Wellness and Transformation

Educational Journey

I’m passionate about research based holistic practices for women that WORK and are SUSTAINABLE.

Holistic Process

Women need information and deserve more up to date health guidance from the day of delivery and beyond.

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Do not focus on weight loss, focus on feeling well / Body Practice yoga and meditation to stay light / Mind Experience love and gratitude in every moment / Spirit

On a mission to redefine and humanize postpartum women’s health with...


The Motherfly Project

A one stop educational platform with tools and resources to support and build confidence for postpartum moms.

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A 5 Step Practical Guide to Wellness in your Postpartum Journey

How to use a holistic approach to honoring and recalibrating your sense of confidence and health.


Small and simple things
That can optimize your health now

➊ Grattitute

Generating authentic and meaningful sparks of joy.

➋ Affirmations

Giving yourself a toolbox to draw mental strength in times of ups and downs.

➌ Meditation

Meditation builds self trust, creates a healthy habit, and scaffolds more self-confidence down the road just by showing up.

➍ Movement

Giving yourself permission to accept your workouts or recreation on a Mom’s realistic timetable.


➎ Support System

Reinforces a strong foundation of support that flexes to you as you grow into your new normal.

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